Friday, September 18, 2009

New Beads

The unknown Etsy "thief" didn't manage to empty my cart entirely so here's some beady eye candy for you:

Lampwork spacer beads in a nice fresh lime green.

And as long as I'm getting spacers, I may as well get lots of colors, right? Right.

Especially turquoise. All turquoise-colored beads must be MINE.

And green. Must have green, too.

And yeah, I know, it's fall and I should be buying browns, golds and oranges in shapes like leaves and pumpkins and stuff. But that is not how I roll. I go against the grain. I buck the trends. I buy pink and lavender seashells in September.

Deal with it.

This shell? Is REALLY pretty in real life, but, um...rather...well, HUGE! HUMONGOUS! EXTRA LARGE! Seriously, it's really big. Another example of my inability to judge sizes in on-line photos. It's also really heavy. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I will continue to admire how pretty it is.

I loved these unique flower bead caps. There's actually 4 in the set.

Bronze rings with great texture. I got them to, hopefully, go with some of the bronze pendants I picked up from Green Girl studios at the Pasadena show.

Same plan for this bronze toggle - although I may end up using this as a focal in addition to being a clasp because it is just so cool.

More seasonally inappropriate beads, but I got them to go with this set:

The colors just make me happy. I defy you to look at the colors in this picture and be sad. You can't do it. They are too cheerful.

Let's see, what else happened this week? There weren't any more floods. I didn't discover any more gigantic trash piles. Gosh, I hardly know what to do with myself when there isn't some kind of crisis.

Oh, I know. I finally picked up the new lenses for my sunglasses that have been at the optometrist's office since MARCH! I am nothing if not right on top of all my errands and "to do's" and stuff. Yeesh!

The kidlet earned his Bobcat Badge in Cub Scouts. This is his very first badge and it was the first time I got to see him all dressed up in his new uniform (that cost me the equivalent of a couple weeks' worth of bead shopping!) And last night he qualified to take his first Tae Kwon Do test - which is happening today at 4 PM. We'll see if he can earn his yellow belt.

He's already hitting me up to buy him a new toy if he succeeds. I tried to explain that the belt itself is the prize because it's an honor to move up to a new belt color. His response? "Yeah, but it's just a piece of can't DO anything with it."


And today's random thought came to me this morning when I happened to glance into the trash can in my bathroom and saw the pile of little empty square foil packages that are from the new oil control astringent pads that I've been using on my face each day. I realized that they look EXACTLY like empty condom packages. A LOT of empty condom packages.

And then I realized that my housekeeper was due to show up in about 15 minutes. My MALE housekeeper (yep, that's right, I have a cute 25-year-old Slovakian guy who cleans my house) and I wondered what he'd think when he saw that pile.

So then I took out the trash myself.

Because I am such a dork.



Marie Cramp said...

Can you post a pic of your house keeper so we can ogle?? lol. love the new beads. You may have to make a keychain out of that shell, sound heavy.

goodluck kidlet, go get that belt!!

word of the day??
ashmat- a mat used in front of the fireplace to catch any ashes. ;)

Katie said...

Pretty beads! I am like you when it comes to color - I don't think seasonally...I just get what feels right at the time :o) Heck, it's not like I get a lot of seasons to choose from in Houston, anyway...

And I love your thoughts about the garbage...At our house, we have 2 trashcans in our bathroom - one has a locking lid because one of our cats LOVES the crinkly wax paper on the back of "girl stuff" and figured out how to work the swinging lid on the other can so she could pull them out and run ALL over the house with her new crinkly paper...Not quite the same, but I can only imagine the painful embarassing death I would suffer if she ran in the living room with one of those while company was over :o)

mairedodd said...

ok, can i just thank you for making me laugh out loud right now? my rather serious nature needs some shaking up every day and this was perfect! beads are beautiful... and you are an artistic type so go with your own flow... it is warm somewhere in the world right now, and the internet is global - so perfect! my son does tkd too and has his yellow belt... good luck to your son... loving the bronze components - wow, they are awesome! how funny would it have been if you hadn't seen the wrappers? and he started looking at you all weird and you didn't know why? :0) at least that didn't happen!~!

The Joy of Nesting said...

What about not sleeping at night, instead go ETSY shopping I bet you can shop till ya drop at that time of the night. You know say 3am :)

What a big week for your little person!!! Both huge accomplishments for guys!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

TesoriTrovati said...

Does he have a brother who works in WI? If so, send him my email...and really, if he cleans house and he is cute and talks in a mysterious accent (or no English at all) that sounds like the makings of a steamy romance novel... I would leave them there... might be just the enticement needed!
You make me laugh.out.loud. (and that isn't always appropriate when I am trying hard to look like I am working :-)
Those bead caps scream pansy to me...what do you think?
Enjoy the day!

Ruralrose said...

giggles - thanks