Thursday, June 03, 2010


And you thought it was just regular old Friday.


I am re-naming the day because I have granted myself the power to do such things (in my own mind).

Wednesday is next on my list because, really, the spelling on it is just stupid and has always annoyed me.

On to the eye candy:

Thick brass rings and brass textured round and oval links all from Gemme Tresor. I thought it would be interesting to have some links in designs that weren't just plain jump rings or chain.

Sterling silver auger shell charms from Cathy Dailey. These make a set with the other shell charms I've purchased from her - I feel a charm bracelet coming on!

Antiqued brass dragonfly links from Patina Queen.

Whate patinated brass key charm also from Patina Queen - perfect for "shabby chic" type designs or maybe with one of my new resined rose beads...

Beautiful designs cast in pewter by Lynn Davis - The Eiffel Tower and a sweet little bow tie link.

Turquoise teardrops and labradorite rondelles (which are much more normal-labradorite-looking in real life - the pic is strangely washed out)

Pale pink and dark pink marquis-cut dyed jade from AAARealGem.

Banded blue agate slabs also from AAARealGem.

Top drilled green kyanite ovals from Artmooie. I love the unusual color as most kyanite tends more towards the blue shades.

Midnight blue polymer clay branch disk beads from Humblebeads.

Sweet little yellow polymer clay canary - also from Humblebeads.

Summery and bright - poly clay links and buttons from TessaDesigns.

More polymer clay angel wings from ExpeditionD - these are the same as the ones I just used on the "Raven's Wing" necklace except for the color.

Beautiful, swirly porcelain pendant from RoundRabbitExtra.

No lampwork this week - I'm kinda sorta trying to cut back there. I already have a 3-lifetime supply. Doesn't mean I won't buy more at some point, but I'm makin' a rule that it's got to be REALLY unusual in some way...and not just "ooh...pretty color." Because chances are? I've already got that color in my stash.
I'm actually looking at maybe, possibly, fingers crossed having my first weekend off of mom duty in 2 years! Kid is going on his first ever Cub Scout overnight camp out. Tent, sleeping bag, overnight on the ground, the whole shebang. And, if worse comes to worse, the site is only twenty minutes from my house so I can always ride to the rescue if I need to - but I don't think I'll need to. His den has got a great group of super-prepared and experienced leaders so I feel good about that.
And while he's gone? I'm thinking shopping...pedicure...bubble bath...the WORKS! Oh, and maybe some resining and jewelry-making in there somewhere!
Have a good weekend everyone!



TesoriTrovati said...

Do treat yourself kind!
Enjoy the day!

Kristen said...

Oh my I need to take a breath (you just took it away) thank you so much for the "BeaPornDay"

steufel said...

Wow, the tiny Eiffel-Tower and the clay-buttons are so cute.

Katie said...

So YOU'RE the one who got the RoundRabbit pendant that I wanted! Those swirly shapes remind me of turtles...and by the time I got there, it was already snagged by someone...and now I know it was you...

So that should make you feel better - you finally got to snag something from someone else first this time (unlike all of those times that people steal stuff from your cart)...heehee...

Great finds! Can't wait to see what you make!

SummersStudio said...

I do look forward to BP day! Those kyanite ovals have me drooling. Enjoy your weekend!.

Kristen said...

Pretty stuff!!! I had those dragonfly links in the Antique Silver, and boy they were a blast to design with! Have fun, can't wait to see what you come up with :)!

lunedreams said...

Yes, WeDnesday at least should be Wensday. Cause that's what we all call it. And FebRuary is stupid. It should be Febuary. Silent letters are just plain silly. Love the blue agate! I love blue agate, and kyanite. I have a pile of kyanite but strangely can't figure out what to do with it. Granting yourself power feels good, doesn't it? I look forward to hearing what you come up with for WeDnesday.

Marie Cramp said...

Wow! another great hoard! I really love getting away from my kids once in a while, it's so nice and quiet!! I hope you enjoy yourself! I know I would :)


Mermaid Glass said...

I think I need those dragonfly charms. They're calling out for some enamel.