Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fairies in My Mailbox

This weekend my mailbox was visited by three beautiful, talented, and oh-so-kind, birthday fairies. They each left me wonderful gifts in honor of my birthday and I was so touched!

First up, the amazingly talented Shannon Levart from MissFickleMedia:

LOOK! It's a BEZEL! That I can put resin and stuff into! How Shannon knew that I was into resin - I have no idea. I've kept it such a deep dark secret.

And the back is decorated, too.

And there's different colors and shapes - including one open backed bezel! Something I haven't tried yet! Oh, and Shannon included some lovely gold sari silk, too!

The next birthday fairy is Miss Erin from Tesori Trovati who went to Bead and Button and figured out really quickly that she HAD to send me goodies or she'd have to listen to me kvetch and moan for the next year about how I can't go to B&B LOL!

Some lovely Czech glass strands.

She also found these amazing wire mesh covered beads which remind me of Japanese glass fishing floats. I used to find them on the beach in Hawaii after a storm when I was a kid and they are very meaningful to me. How Erin knew this, I have no idea, but then again, she IS a birthday fairy so perhaps her magical powers were responsible.

Triangles have a special meaning for Erin and me - we figured out a while ago that we are sorority sisters in Delta Delta Delta. So, since the Greek letter "delta" is a triangle, she found me this cool bottlecap bead with a red "delta" on it.

Well, it's either that or she thinks I need a Bass Ale ;-)

She found me another awesome triangle bead at Lisa Peters' booth! However, Blogger, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to turn it sideways for you and I am too tired to fight with it so if you could just tip your head to the left until your ear touches your shoulder? PERFECT!

This beautiful brown and copper heart is also from Lisa Peters. Erin sent me a third piece from her as well - a turquoise ceramic link with a heart design impressed into it which I managed to accidentally skip during my photog session yesterday. Excellent - I am so detail-oriented that way. But trust me when I tell you - it's gorgeous!

And lastly, there was the package from Lorelei:

Okay, seriously? Best birthday card EVER! What you can't really see in the picture too well is that the top of this card is fuzzy pink shag with GLITTER in it. Fabulous!

She sent me a coral-colored sea urchin and a sweet li'l egg bead from Humblebeads.

Ooooh...and some AWESOME vintage lucite beads in this amazing strawberry pink and a white/green spearmint kinda swirl. Yum!

Ahhh...lampwork. She knows my weakness! I love the amazing color combo in this set. Don't know the artist, but maybe Miss L will chime in and tell us all where these came from? Because they are delish!

But wait! There's more!

I gots me a real gen-u-wine Lorelei bracelet creation! And it's gorgeous!

LOOK at that gorgeous focal! I am IN LOVE WITH THIS BEAD! And of course her wire wraps are so perfect they're makin' me sick (in a good way).

AGAIN with the weird sidewaysness of the pictures. Could somebody reach over and bop Blogger on it's little server head?

But I will not let it stop me from exclaiming over how totally cute this little metal button clasp is! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

And now comes the part of the birthday gift in which you will all turn green with jealousy. And not no wimpy shade of green, neither, but pure deep emerald:

That's right! Lorelei sent me some of her new chintz metal beadcaps and a charming little pendant! And now comes the part where I do the dance of having something that almost no one else does. Because I do so enjoy that ;-)

Are any of y'all old enough to remember when Eddie Murphy used to do the ice cream skit on SNL and he'd sing "''cuz I got ice cream and you don't got none and nah nah nah nah..."

Yeah, I'm totally doing that right now.

"'Cuz it's my birthday and I got chi-intz and you don't got none la la la la la...."

Um...I'm gonna be busy with this whole song and dance thing for a while so you might wanna come back later ;-)

Thank you SO MUCH to my three special birthday fairies AND everyone else who sent birthday wishes and comments and everything. I really don't have the words to describe how much it has meant to me. This is the first time in a LONG time that my birthday has really been an enjoyable occasion and I owe it all to you!

Okay - back to the birthday victory dance.

Later, y'all!



Copper Diem said...

you succeeded - I am greeeeeeen with envy! Esp for the lorelei bead caps - is she selling those yet?

moonlitfantaseas said...

wow you made out like a bandit......all kinds of yummy stuff, good for you enjoy, and yes I am jealous, I have wanted some of those chintzy bead caps since she first showed them.......

EmandaJ said...

Well, well, well, aren't you the luck twin?! (nyah!) You remember who else had a birthday? Well, do you? Green? I'm not green Chartruese maybe.

I guess it's because you are the more resinable of the two of us.

Seriously, you deserve everything you received. You go girl.

Kristen said...

Ok the color green I am is soo deep that I just can't stand to look anymore! Ok maybe just one more peak. Nope its official I am green! :P

RockerJewlz said...

Holy moly....can you ever TOP this birthday? What a great bunch of buddies you have!

Lorelei said...

wow! you got some serious loot there!
The lampwork is from my friend Anne Lichtenstein of Gardanne Beads!
I'm sorry I forgot that info!!

Bead caps look delish on your blog... and I love that Eddie Murphy skit, I am singing it in my head RIGHT NOW~!!!

Kristen said...

Wow lucky girl, you got some lovely gifts from some very thoughtful friends. Glad you had a fun and happy birthday! :)

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

What a wonderful birthday! Glad it was such a nice one for you. I really enjoy your blog!

TesoriTrovati said...

You are loved, Kelly.
Now go make something faboo!
Enjoy the day.
Delta love, and mine.

Gardanne said...

Happy birthday, you are one popular girl.

kelleysbeads said...

What marvelous birthday surprises! I'm jealous, both of all the wonderful gifts AND that you had your very birfday fairies. I've never had birfday fairies before. sniff. sniff.

Enjoy all your birthday loot, KJ!

romantic decay said...

Great Stuff!! I'm very jealous!