Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Resin Until You Can't Resin No More

Okay, I was gonna title this "Resin 'Til You Puke" (a play on "Party 'Til You Puke") but then I thought that was kinda disgusting sounding.

Or not.

You choose which blog title you want for the day.

But what it really means is...more resin show and tell. Because I took jewelry pictures last night, but then I was lazy and didn't get them off the camera and edited and stuff.

Prolly 'cuz I was too busy eating the cupcake that my son (y'know Mr. Guilty from Sunday?) made at school and gave to me as an apology for his behavior. Maybe he's NOT going to grow up to be a complete societal menace? There is hope?

Hope in the form of a cupcake. I like it.

Then of course there was the earthquake we had last night. Which had to happen RIGHT when I had an open pot of glue on my bed. Because that was EXCELLENT timing. Instead of worrying about whether or not this was the "Big One" and the ceiling was going to crash in on my head...I was worrying about whether the vat o' glue was gonna tip over onto my oh-so-fabulous Target bed linens.

Because I'm all about the priorities like that.

And what? You mean YOU don't work with glue and scissors and paper and stuff on your bed? You must be some kinda weirdo ;-)

My new nightly pastime is sitting in bed, catching up on my favorite recorded shows while trimming artwork to fit beads and/or pre-sealing the artwork so the resin doesn't eat it. It's kind of relaxing, actually. Very Zen.

Uh...unless the earth moves. In which case...NOT relaxing OR Zen.

But I digress (as usual). Things are going well over at Be Resinable. I listed a bunch of new stuff last night and quite a bit of it already sold. Yay! And for those of you who are customers who also read here - THANK YOU!! I will be listing more stuff tonight, and here's a preview:

These were supposed to be part of my "silly stuff I've resined" post last week, but I forgot to include them. I just thought they were humorous-looking and would maybe make a cute or at least conversation-worthy pair of earrings. I know one of them appears to have some white "stuff" on it in the upper left corner, but that's just the picture. It's totally fine in real life - I may need to re-photo them.

And okay - I never make just one of something because more is always better, right? Oh, like you didn't KNOW that was one of my mantras? LOL! There was actually an orange pair, too, but sadly, that pair did not survive the resining process. R.I.P. little orange owls. Also, I just realized you can see the pink and green stripes from the shirt I was wearing the day I took the photos reflected in the glassy surface of the resin. Excellent photographing skills on my part, I must say. Looks like I'll be re-taking shots of this pair, too.

Okay, lots of people laughed at me when I told them I was doing some Hello Kitty designs, but I shall laugh last because except for this bead here? All my Hello Kitty designs have already sold, bitches!

Yeah, I said it!

This one is still available, though, so get your HK on while you can ;-)

I just listed this one last night and it already sold. To a person with EXCELLENT taste.


I love the way this blue and cream artwork looks against the dark tiger ebony wood. This bead is gonna look rockin' with some Vintaj brass and pearls. It's already listed on Etsy.

Another one where I think the color of the wood really brings the artwork to life. I love the colors of the fruit in this picture - who knew that fruit could bring the drama this way? This one is also already listed on Etsy.

These vintage seed catalog designs have been some of my favorites, thus far. Not only do they feature pansies AND look great against the dark wood, but I love the aged feel of them. The fact that this one actually says "1896" on it really transports me to a different era when I look at it. Also already listed on Etsy.

Who doesn't want to be serenaded by moonlight? These big square beads have really turned out well - I wish I had more of them to work with, but they've been a bit scarce. I've saved them to use with just a few special designs. Haven't listed this one yet, but will probably do so sometime this week.

These word designs have come out really well on the square beads, too. I kept the first two for myself and am working on designs for them right now. This one is trying to stay with me, too, but it may need to go out into the world via Etsy. We'll see.

This image came to me in a group with a bunch of others and initially, I wasn't that taken with it. That's kind of unusual as I tend to be pretty immediate in my love it/hate it decisions. This one sort of grew on me slowly. It probably is more of a Valentine's Day kind of image and I may save it for that time of year, but I do like it a lot better now. The dark wood really helps it.

This is from my Fantasy Floral series. The other images were on brass pendant bezels, but I decided to try one on the tiger ebony wood and it came out pretty well. The dark wood makes the colors pop even more. I listed this one on Etsy last night.

Now...how about some fairies?

This ivory flower fairy sprinkled some of her fairy dust across this tiger ebony wood while she stopped for a rest.

This blue butterfly fairy has such pretty colors in her wings - and lots of sparkling fairy dust, too.

But the world of Faery has a dark side, too: those beings who owe their allegiance to Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness, rather than to Oberon and Titana, the King and Queen of the Summer Court. You might want to be a bit careful with this bead because those look like dark fairies...

If you like the fairy beads - I plan to start listing them tonight and throughout the rest of the week. I usually list when I get home from work in the evenings so check Be Resinable at about 6:30 PM Pacific or so.



Copper Diem said...

Go cupcakes!
I think your reaction to the earthquake is totally normal. My attitute toward earthquakes is more "do i have to be bothered to get up and stand in a door or something or will this stop soon"
and target has the cutest linens!

EmandaJ said...

Beyond a resinable doubt, this must be one of your best posts about all things resin! love it.


Kristen said...

Ok I'm not puking yet I just wish I had not used up my beading allowance to grab some of these beauties! I don't have earthquakes but I am sure my reaction would be the same if something shook my beading tray!
And as for apology cupcakes (Way to go sweetie) we can never stay mad for too long!

Julianna Cannon said...

Bein from Alabama and all, I resin I like the first title better. :P

And what are you trying to say...that there are people who don't bead/clip/sew in bed? Crazies.

And uh, KJ? Lancome Black Lapis Eyeliner. I still wear it and will until my dying day. Or until Lancome breaks my heart again.

Cute owls!

TesoriTrovati said...

See? Your son has socially redeeming qualities. At least he knew that he needed to get back in your good graces AND he knew exactly how to do it!

I like those wood beads. I will have to get in on some of those. And the fairies are lovely. I do like the fruit as well.

Here is a thought...what about setting up a Flickr group and asking people to post pics of all the fun stuff they made with your Resinables? I see challenge or contest written all over that!

Enjoy the day, KJ!

SummersStudio said...

Those owls are so sweet! Glad the ceiling didn't fall on you when while you were worrying about the glue.

Michelle said...

KJ...loving those cute owls!
Congrats on the Be Resinable sales...woo-hoo!
Bead Happy!

p.s...I do bead on my bed (and do the check book and filing so that I have a HUGE workspace to fill up)