Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Titles Make Me Tired

Let's get back to the jewelry and beads, shall we?

As I mentioned the other day, I did finally get some time to create some finished jewelry this weekend that I'm pretty happy with. In fact, the "Sunshinesicle" bracelet that I posted about sold within about 30 seconds of me putting it up on Etsy - that's a new record for me!

Here's the last of what I worked on over the weekend:

I started with that amazing resin and metal clasp from Amanda Davie with the butterfly on it and started going through my stash to see what I could put with it. Originally, I had a pink ceramic pendant in mind for the focal, but it didn't quite seem to match style-wise with the clasp.

Then I remembered I hadn't yet used any of my wonderful wooden butterflies from PorkChopShow (thanks, Lorelei!) and since this one had some of the same colors in it as the clasp - it seemed like the perfect choice.

Then, I grabbed a pink ceramic bead, some lampwork spacers and faceted Czech glass rondelles in colors to match both butterflies and some gunmetal chain, wire and jump rings to match the dark finish on the clasp.

I did futz with the design quite a bit as originally there were a lot more of the large pink ceramic beads going up that side of the necklace, but they turned out to be too heavy compared to the weight of the pendant and they were pulling the necklace out of shape so they had to go.

I was a little concerned at first that it might be too much to have both butterfly pieces in the same necklace, but now? I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

Here's the rest of what I created with resin over the weekend, too:

More pansies - can't resist 'em!

Another scrapbook paper bead set. I punched up the vintage-y vibe on this one by adding a pewter rose stamping, a tiny pearl and a tiny green crystal.

Look - I'm all "menswear" and stuff with mixing florals and stripes!

This is my first test piece with a new set of artwork - lots of lovely leafy images in fall shades that almost look like they've been "pressed." Lots of copper, carnelian and maybe some butterscotch jade would be fabulous with this!

I just like fairies. I can't help it. This little one is sitting on a branch fluffing fairy dust into the night air. She's surrounded by an antique silvertone bezel.

I've named this one "The Lilac Fairy." Now, I'm sure those flowers probably aren't lilacs (because I know absolutely ZIP about flowers), but I don't care.

I really like that in this image, the figure is not distinct. Is it a fairy? An angel? Some other mystical winged being? You (and your subconscious) get to decide. Personally, I'm going with angel. But, I threw in some glitter anyway...y'know, just in case it really IS a fairy.

I'm looking ahead and trying out some "winter" artwork, too. This is a single snowflake image.

And this is a veritable snowstorm of flakes - with some frosty glitter thrown in.

Another mermaid.

A unicorn charging through the surf on a beach - kicking up some glittery, magical spray in the process.

A unicorn in a magical forest.

Perhaps my favorite unicorn so far (Erin - check out the crescent moon!)

I've got one more new experiment I tried out with the resin, but I think I'll wait and post about that tomorrow!



TesoriTrovati said...

Gah! Pansies AND crescent moons? The only thing that would make this more perfect is if you strung these with pearls on pine colored waxed linen cord with a dolphin jumping over the moon (with three stars, I might add ;-) and a picture of Poseidon rising from the sea carrying his trusty Trident. Then I would be ALL OVER IT!


You make me smile.

Enjoy the day!

EmandaJ said...

Yumm, yumm, yumm! I love all of these! And the Butterflies on that gorgeous necklace, wow!


lunedreams said...

I LOVE that necklace, it is absolutely PERFECT. I love your two butterfly focals, LOVE the little turquoise blue stones up the one side. Everything about it is just right! Truly lovely. Love that leaf pendant! looks like Mountain Ash--that turns all kinds of red colors in fall. And I think those flowers might be Pincushion Flower, also known as "scabiosa" (ick!). Ick. Scabby flower? WTH.

Have you ever thought of maybe marketing some of your glitter resin pieces to little girls? (no offense). Little girls are ALL about unicorns, fairies and glitter. I can see you selling THOUSANDS for little girl birthday parties all over the world. Mothers everywhere would kiss your feet. said...

Beautiful work, KJ! I am loving the beads sets!