Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's ALMOST Bead Soup!

That's right! The giant Bead Soup Party is almost here! It starts on the 19th, but it's become such a big event that it's going to go on for at least a week or so.

My oh-so-fabulous swap parter, Julianna Canon, will be posting on the 19th. I will be posting the 24th.

Check Lori Anderson's blog each day for links to that day's soup makers. You might find some fun new blogs to follow. I KNOW you'll get to see some rockin' beads and jewelry!

In other news, Friday is my BIRTHDAY! Woo hoo! Confetti! Horn Blasts! I just might have a special and super-cool surprise for everyone that day so be sure to stop by!

In the meantime, here's the new jewelry I was supposed to have for yesterday, but didn't because I was too lazy to get it done:

I'm trying to finish up making some more "examples" using my early and not-so-perfect resin pieces. These square charms used some pieces of scrapbook paper in denim blue and then I punched the little flowers out of a coordinating piece of ivory paper.

The beaded dangles are on brass headpins and contain champagne gold Swarovski crystal pearls, Vintaj brass floral beadcaps and some new pink Czech crystal rondelles in the Picasso finish. They sort of look like cinnamon candy to me. I thought these earrings would be really cute with a pair of jeans.

Okay, yeah, so I'm hating the brass filigree charms on the bottom of these so don't pay any attention to those. Also, in real life? They are not green. But I hate them anyway and will be replacing them.

I like the other beads - sodalite and the champagne pearls again. These earrings were supposed to be sort of the opposite number to the first pair. I used the ivory scrapbook paper instead of the blue and went long instead of short. I just need to find somthing better to hang off the bottom because those charms suck in this design.

And now, it's lunchtime. During which I will attempt to rescue these earrings and another craptastic design that I started yesterday that just ain't workin' out.

Some days the creativity just won't put out.



TesoriTrovati said...

snort! Creativity won't 'put out'!?

I am having trouble with that fickle miss Creativity myself. But I believe it is the squalor that I expect her to thrive in my studio. I started the process of putting it all away so that miss thang can get her groove on (if you know what I mean, all you bead porn-ers!)...then something massive will burst out of there!

I am looking forward to your soup. And Juls too. I have to take some pics of mine. But daylight is eluding me. I have three big helpings. I hope you will come to sample!

Enjoy the day!

Spirited Earth said...

i like these long earrings with your resin work.

cjvierow said...

Hey KJ, Happy Birthday on Friday!! We're "almost" twins--my birthday is on Monday. So, I'll celebrate yours on Friday and if you want, you can celebrate mine on Monday. That way we get an extra day to do whatever we want! ;-) CJ

Marie Cramp said...

Looks great! They do look green on the screen but one you change them I think the earrings will be fabulous!!

Pretty Things said...

Happy early birthday, and those earring are fabulous!