Thursday, August 18, 2005

New Li'l Pendant

Although most of what I did over the weekend ended up getting ripped out because I hated it, I did manage to complete this new pendant. It's perfect for stringing on a favorite silver chain.

It's all done in Czech glass and seed beads using the Japanese flower stitch (which is, I think, sort of a version of right-angle weave).

I am working on a new project, too, which I'm fairly excited about. It looks like it's going to work out (at least so far). It involves a brick stitched tube of seed beads over a sterling silver wire armature to make a bangle bracelet. The original technique comes from an article in "Beadwork" magazine, but I have some ideas for changing it around and making it uniquely my own once I get the basic technique mastered. I've done brick stitch before, but never on quite such a large scale or over any kind of armature. Plus, this is the project that originally called for 11/0 seed beads and for which I accidentally bought Delicas instead...and then decided to go ahead and use them just to see what would happen. So far, so good.

And of course I'll publish a picture when it's done...assuming it looks good :-)

The pendant will be up for sale on the website later today or maybe tomorrow depending on how busy I get.

Take care!


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Jenie said...

that's very pretty! :) (i changed my comments so you can't comment on new posts, since spammers, which just buried me again today, seem to only comment to the most recent post...i am trying really hard not to say a cuss word. i'm sure you know the one i would use...) j