Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Website Updated!

The latest earring designs have been added to the Website and are available for purchase. I'd hoped to have more to add, but didn't accomplish as much over the weekend as I'd hoped. I got two bracelets done, but then hated them and felt compelled to rip them up. Same goes for the pendant I did last night. Lately nothing's been working for me. Of course, perhaps I shouldn't be trying to design while all of us at Casa d'Osborne are recovering from stomach flu. Sigh...I'm thinking of renaming us Casa d'Illin' as that seems to be all we ever do. Even DH got hit with this one and still had a fever of 100 degrees last night.

I did get one new pendant finished which I think is kind of cute, but I haven't gotten it strung yet and can't do a scan til that's done. I've got all the components finished for a new peyote tube bracelet, but am still on the hunt for the right clasp. GRRR! I just hate it when I can't find what I'm looking for at the right price. I did find a couple of nice ones, but that company wanted $7.00 for SHIPPING! Errr...I don't think so.

In the meantime, I'm starting a new project that I hope will turn out better and pull me out of my recent bout of suckiness. It's not off to a great start, though. I went to the beadstore yesterday to get beads for it and for some reason by the time I got there I'd convinced myself I needed Delicas and proceeded to buy rather a lot of them. Then got home and realized that I really need just regular 11/0 seed beads. And OF COURSE, I already HAVE a ton of those and seriously don't need any more. Don't you dare ask me if I want some cheese to go with that whine! I'm nauseated enough as it is.

Maybe I'm still feverish? I think I need to go lie down. Could someone bring me a daiquiri and a cold cloth for my forehead?



Jenie said...

hey, while you're updating, stick a text or image link to your shop over there in the right hand column!!! (if you find the blogger template too confusing, lemme know...i have been thru it a few times and am learning my way around!) j

Silver Parrot said...

Yeah, I'm definitely lost. I went through all the settings options and can't find anything that allows a link. But, I've found that to be true of a lot of stuff about blogger.com - you have to REALLY go on a treasure hunt to find where they've hidden things. Directions would be appreciated!