Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Humblebeads Challenge #5 - Findings

This part of the challenge is to use findings in an unusual way. Since Heather was nice enough to say that "clasps in the front count," I present:

This gorgeous lampwork toggle clasp came from Everafter Artistry on eBay.

Sometimes, I just haveta get my girly-girl on, ya know? And what could be more girly than pearls with pink crystals and a butterfly?

Still working on challenge #1. I flaked out last night - just too tired to look at it. I had hopes of working on it at lunch today, but that's starting to look less and less realistic. Maybe tonight?




Marie Cramp said...

I love that toggle, so feminine. She is a very talented artist. The necklace looks great too, love the girly girl feel ;) Tough sometimes when you have boys right? Great job


dochoamom said...

Ooooh Kelly, Makes me want to put on a pretty dress, hat and gloves for a garden party... beautiful..


TesoriTrovati said...

So fairy tale pretty!
I am so jealous...since my computer fizzled out I haven't been able to upload my photos and I did complete 4 of the 5! I was in fact working on the 5th when it blew up or imploded or whatever...and then I stopped working on the chain one since I wouldn't be able to post it! Funny! I should just finish it and sell it...or better yet, get it published (since I realized too late that I missed April...gah! The streak is broken!) Thanks for sharing your pretties and for playing along! I love to see what everyone does! Enjoy the day, my friend! Erin

Ruralrose said...

i can't believe this is still in your possession, soon very soon your talent will have to come to light, love this blog, peace for all