Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Day Is It Again?

For me, it's Friday. Well, it's Tuesday, but I don't have to work the rest of the week so technically, it's Friday.

And you know what that means...

BEAD PORN! (and the crowd goes wild!)

Glazed clay earring pairs from Kylie Parry on Etsy (thanks, Lorelei, for the tip about her in your blog!)

Kylie Parry again. This was a "pick one" listing. I got the blue-ish/purple-ish one, but I was equally in love with all three of them.

Okay, this is kinda funny (and kinda sad). I had a project in mind that needed some etched black lampwork beads. So I hopped on Etsy and tried to buy some and they disappeared just as I was checking out (which means someone else snapped 'em up before I could hit the final button). A few weeks later, I found another listing for them but had to put it in my "favorites" to wait for payday. Of course, by the time payday rolled around, yep, they were already gone. I FINALLY got to purchase a set...and now I can't remember what I was gonna do with them LOL! I'm sure I'll come up with something, but it irks me that there's a really amazing idea lost somewhere in the uncharted depths of my brain.

Actually, I'm sure there's a LOT of crap lost in those same uncharted depths and if I could remember what it was, I'd blog about it. Although I strongly suspect that the location of all of the household's missing socks is ONE item that's in there...

Back to the beads:

Yummy strawberry and vanilla ice cream swirl beads from The Orange Bell.

Cute purple and white polka-dot mini lampwork beads from Bead Intrigue.

And if I'm gonna get purple, I haveta get the aqua ones, too.

Beautiful, bright raspberry pillow beads with black streaks from FlameCrazy on Etsy.

Same artist - I loved the cloudy sky quality of this set.

Another of Cathy Dailey's great toggles - I meant to post this with the rest of her stuff in last week's porn, but I somehow skipped it.

And, lastly, some beautiful components from Zoa Art.

Whew! That catches me up to about late October. But I still have more...because I was a vewy vewy bad girl during the first week of November. Hence the need for the bead diet.

Which, I was informed today, still has about 15 days left to run. And EVERYONE is having sales this week on Etsy. ARRRGGHHHH!!!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


P.S. To the person who wondered about post-diet yo-yo syndrome...all I can say is Hells Yeah!


lunedreams said...

vewy vewy bad. ha ha ha!!! love the little dragonfly ceramic ones. nice haul!

Ruralrose said...

Have you ever thought of starting a bead magazine. Most bead books are devoted to beading not beads. Your photos are awesome and you certainly have the collection. You could make a little catalog section where you sell you jewellery. I know print it dead, but this "idea" has merit I think. Off to look at your stamps, peace for all

TesoriTrovati said...

Ha! I think I may have been vewy vewy bad along with you. But I have been holding steady and trying not to read a blog post if them mention sales, or 20% off, or buy one-get one or anything like that. But when the diet is over (15 days? Really!?!) It will be a mad dash to get it in my cart before you get it in yours! LOL! Enjoy the day, KJ! Erin