Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Humblebeads - Fun with Focals #2

Heather at Humblebeads is having an awesome focal bead challenge on her blog. There are 5 different challenges and while it would have made sense for me to put up my entry for Challenge #1 first, that particular design is giving me a bit of a problem right now (don't you hate when you think you have the PERFECT idea...and then you find you can't execute it in real life? yeah, me too.)

Soooo...being that I was afraid I might run out of time, here's my entry for Challenge #2 - Use ribbon, string or leather as a bail for a focal bead:

I used a lark's head knot to attach the focal bead to the ribbon and then I placed a jump ring on the back side of the knot to attach the chain.

The focal is a beautiful clay piece from Summers Studio.

I'm hoping my entry for Challenge #1 will follow in the next day or two if I can work out the problems I'm having with it.



SueBeads said...

Very cute! I know what you mean about executing things...I am struggling with an entry too! Love the ribbon!

Katie said...

Nice! This is the one that I have had the most trouble with, too...I like your necklace a lot! Maybe I should pull my beads out again and see what happens...