Monday, November 02, 2009

I survived!

The cold AND Halloween. But my brain seems to be on vacation today...or maybe Dr. von F borrowed it for an experiment, I don't know, but I'm drawing a blank on the whole writing thing sooooo...

BEAD PICS! YAY! (hey, it could be worse - I could be making you look at pics of my kid!)

Mykonos greek ceramic beads in a cool organic shape and bronze color. I thought these would make great spacers or even dangles for when I work with brass and copper.

More Mykonos spacers - a more traditional washer shape this time.

Same thing - only in a bright copper color. I think these might go well with my stash of Patricia Healy copper components. Her things are already patinated in an unusual reddish color that seems to go best with the bright copper rather than dark.

Hey, if they look good in bronze, I must need them in silver, too, right? Plus, they are in keeping with my goal of being less uniform and symmetrical this year. (I know - cool rationalization, right?)

I can't get over the fact that these are ceramic and yet have this bright mirror finish on them. It's so cool!

And bigger is always better, of course ;-)

Beautiful bronze clay lotus flower pendant from Summers Studio on Etsy.

She also made this great bronze clay koi fish pendant. I'm not usually into the Asian motif, but something about this just spoke to me. It looks like it could have been plucked from the ruins of an ancient Japanese city or something.

In fact, I liked it so much, I bought a teal porcelain version, too.

And the piece de resistance - these amazing starfish pendants from Sea Urchin on Etsy! They are clay with glass melted over them and gold accents. All I can say is the picture does not do them justice - they are truly stunning in real life.

Okay, hopefully my brain will be back tomorrow with some actual project stuff to talk about, but if not, you know you can always get the latest and greatest bead porn here ;-)

Happy November, all!


P.S. Lorelei did indeed blog about her metal experiments so head over and check out her blog entries!


kelleysbeads said...

Can't believe those metallic washers are all cool!!

lunedreams said...

I have that exact same bronze charm from Leann! LOVE the koi ones, love koi and the Asian thing. Those Mykonos beads are unbelievable, I'm afraid to check out their site...Every time I get a new design idea it either does not involve any of the beads I currently have, or hinges utterly on some element I have not yet purchased. Which I must then purchase. Really afraid to visit Ornamentea.

SueBeads said...

OOOH, love your sea urchin stuff! Have to visit the shop!

dochoamom said...

Dudette... I was totally going to email you and say "wheeres the beef, um beadporn"

Glad you are feeling better... and so what were we for halloween? I was in my usual awesome costume of Super Mom/Driver of Taxi at the last minute requests from no planning ahead kids/Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire/insert _____ here.... ha ha ha ha

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mooter. A cow with digestive issues?

Marie Cramp said...

Those are fantastic beads!! The metalic ceramic rocks!! I might have to find some of those... well maybe after I recover from spending over $1000 on supplies last month. If my hubby finds out... Business is business right? At least I know You understand. lol


Cindy said...

Aw, you could have shared pics of the "kid" from Halloween! We would love to see.
Those Greek spacers are all so pretty. I have a stash I keep forgetting about and will have to dig them up.
LeAnn's pendants are beautiful...and thanks for the link to the ceramic artist on Etsy - her work is really pretty too.