Friday, November 20, 2009

SALE! Whitney Street Studio

Even though I'm on a bead diet this month, I wouldn't want to hold out on the rest of you who are free to indulge your bead addiction. I got special permission from Bill McQuillkin of Whitney Street Studio to publicize this sale here for my blog readers. Here's the info directly from him:

We are holding what is probably our best sale ever on and would like to invite you to see for yourselves the great deals you can get on anything from spacers to focal bead sets at or below wholesale prices. We are clearing out our inventory so we can start with fresh new beads in the very near future. This sale is not open to the public. We figured since you have supported us in the past it only seems fair to help the jewelry designers in return. We only have limited sets available and with them being priced so low they will go quick so go browse the deals and let us know via email if you would like anything. I have supplied an email link on the top of every page of the sale for your convenience. We do not have a fancy shopping cart and will only accept paypal for payments. Just click on the email link located on the top of the page and tell us what you want and if it’s still available we will send you a paypal invoice. Please let us know if you would like first class or priority via USPS. Simple as that.

So, go forth and shop and next Friday, you can post bead porn of your very own!!


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sandi m said...

Thanks so much for this info - I used to buy alot of Melissa/Bill's lampwork - will definitely check our their sale.

As for your post yesterday - too funny! I can relate a little; currently umemployed and you'd think I'd have everything in PERFECT order!, ha? I have housey projects that I could never get completed due to working, but with no excuse still can't get them finished! At least I can say I'm pretty good with my jewelry stuff -my supplies are orderly. Yes, last year I went to the Container Store and reworked my inventory in new containers. It is a good feeling.

Sounds like you are making headway - sometimes you just have to move at YOUR own pace.

PS - Great challenge; Lorelei is always amazing; I want her energy!