Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Raining...

...or at least it's supposed to rain today. So far, it's a no go. We'll see. Rain would be nice for a change.

I have had the most boring week imaginable. Which is good in that I was getting kind of tired of all the domestic disasters and "life lesson" events I've had to deal with this year, but it also makes for super-boring blog posts.

Which is why I am ripping off my friend's work to show you...cuz I got *nuthin'* today:

My friend, Julie, made this necklace and when I saw it, I about fell over. I can't do it justice with my pictures, but she never photographs her stuff so I told her I'd do it for her if I could post it here. I taught her how to wire-wrap and NOW look at her! Amazing!

The blue frit used on these black lampwork lentils exactly matches the blue crystals in the piece. I'm trying to remember the artist's name but right now all I can remember is that she's on eBay.

Would you believe this pendant is from Michael's?? Originally, she had a different piece on here - it was a paua shell leaf. And it was pretty, but it just wasn't rockin' like THIS pendant is.

And, of course, no piece is finished without a dangle at the clasp. Guess who she learned that from?

Awesome job, Julie! This is truly beautiful!

And now, my contributions:

Flower disks from Winchell Clay Works on Etsy. They are so cute that I wanted to keep the earring design simple - just a Bali silver link and a lavender Czech glass flower with a tiny crystal center for some sparkle.

I'm still trying out different background trying to decide what I like best for pictures.

Yep - same earrings.

Okay, I'm lovin' the pink. I can't help it.

Czech glass rondelles and some teeny Swaros added.

Has everyone had a good enough look now? I wouldn't want you to miss out on the chance to admire me and my work ;-)

Okay, off to lunch!



mairedodd said...

great work all around! love the necklace your friend made... really pretty... and your earrings are just right! i kind of like the clear glass bottle as a backdrop...

Marie Cramp said...

Let Julie know how muchwe love her necklace!!! It is stunning!! Great earrings too, I like the amount of light you have with the cork, but I like the pics on the weather worn wood. If you could reflect the ligt somehow to get that with the wood...Try your flash outside!! Sometimes that works.