Wednesday, November 11, 2009


While I've really enjoyed playing with all the different base metal chains and wirework and asymmetrical designs lately, it took a reminder from a friend (thanks, Julie!) to help me remember that my first love will always be lampwork with silver and crystals. I can't help it, there's just something magical about each individual lampwork bead - like there's an entire universe captured in magical (and sparkley!) glass.

Julie made an awesome necklace with some great lampwork beads and Swarovski rondelles. Being the queen of originality, I had to immediately go out and copy her because her necklace was so awesome! Hey, it was either copy it or steal it from her and I chose to stay out of jail because someone has to be around to sign off on the notes that the kid's teacher keeps sending home every day (sigh).

Sometimes a girl just has to get her pink sparkle on, ya know?

"Ice Cube" lampwork beads are from Kool Kat Klass on Etsy. I added pink Swarovski rondelles from Fusion Beads and some silver spacers and chain from my stash.

Because the beads have a bit of a "garden" feel to them, I added a butterfly toggle for the clasp. And yes, I know excellent blurry picture taking by me. What else is new?

Can't get enough of the symmetrical, pink, sparkley goodness. Now I'm going to go put on my tiara and my princess costume and watch "Sleeping Beauty."



SueBeads said...

Yep, cute!

kelleysbeads said...

I LOVE Kool Kat Klass's cube beads. She lives fairly close to me, but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her at the monthly glass meeting yet :(

I like using lampwork beads, crystals and silver too. My silver stash could probably pay off my car if I sold it all. But like all beads, I must hoard them protectively!

Marie Cramp said...

Those beads are awesome!! Love the necklace! Great work.