Thursday, April 22, 2010

BP Commentary

I thought I'd try something a little different with the BP this week. Instead of just posting pics and the vendor names, I thought it might be kind of to do a running "what was the bird-brain thinking when she bought this" type of commentary.

Of course, I'm going on the HUGE assumption that anyone cares what I think about anything - including beads - but then again, y'all are reading the blog sooooo you must have at least an iota of interest, right?

Or else you're just here to grab stuff outta my Etsy favorites and then jet? In which case you'll just be annoyed by the commentary, but then again, you are taking stuff outta my cart so annoying you kinda works for me ;-)

Okay, on to the pics:

I discovered this vendor, Wondrous Strange, over at the Art Bead Scene blog one day. Frankly, I decided to click on the link just because the name was so cool. Once I got there, I found these awesome raku beads which was great because I was in the middle of trying to put both the Melusine's Treasure and Spaced Out designs together. The Melusine design already had a raku seashell as the centerpiece so adding more raku to the design was a possibility and for the other design, I was really just looking for any kind of weird, spacey-lookin' thing that might be a fun addition. I didn't end up using these beads in either design, but they'll find a home in something eventually.

As long as I was there anyway, what about some nifty raku angel wings and red glazed wings. And okay, I'm not really sure now why the red ones appealed to me other than that they were different from anything I had in my stash and sometimes I just like to get something kinda oddball. You never know when it might come in handy...

And then there were these raku leaves. I loved that they were all different designs, sizes and colors - just like leaves in real life. These are definitely going on some kinda bracelet with flowers and probably some brass.

ABS was really good to me that day as they also introduced me to Lynn Davis - WHY the heck I had not yet experienced the awesomeness that is her pewter work, I don't know, but once I got to her site, I kinda went nuts. I LOVE anything that has a sort of antique, European feel. I also love sterling silver flatware and the link on the right reminds me of some lovely ornate sterling flatware design.

I come by this love of flatware honestly - my mother and my grandmothers on both sides have incredible sets of china, crystal and flatware. In fact, my grandmother was the main silver consultant at the Robinson's department store in Newport Beach for many, many years.
Now, there isn't even a Robinson's any more and I don't think department stores even HAVE silver departments. Kind of a shame, I think.

I told you I kinda went nuts on Lynn's site LOL! I thought this key would be great for dangling charms from.

Then I found this gorgeous French medallion replica and her BIRDS! Oh my! I've been on a major bird kick for the last year. I keep having to collect anything with birds. I'm sure the muse will explain that to me one day, but for now, they are going into the hoard.
I keep wanting to put all of her pieces with ropes and ropes of white pearls - I dunno why - that's just the picture I get in my head when I look at them.

These are wooden butterflies from Porkchop Show. I feel almost as strongly about butterflies as I do about birds, but really, I just had to have these because Lorelei had some AND she makes fabulousness with them. So far, all I've done with mine has been to drip resin on two of them, but something will come to me eventually!

These wonderful carved coral beads are from Uncommon Beads. Mostly I was interested in them because I don't have a lot of beads in this color, it was Spring and I've had some good luck in designs lately with using beads that have more texture to them vs. just simple rounds or rondelles.

These green impression jasper beads are from Gemme Tresor - a serious favorite vendor of mine. I love that I can just buy 10 beads for $2-3 and have enough for one design. Sometimes, that's all you really need. Especially with something this bright which may only be good for a season or two. Plus, if you really DO need more beads than that, she will quite readily bump up the quantity for you - it just takes a quick convo.
As for why these beads - can you really look at that color and ask me that? They're like sour apple candy or something. Yumm!
These carved mother-of-pearl flowers were just pretty. I thought they'd look great with anything to do with a vintage vibe. They are also from Gemme Tresor.

Faceted coral rondelles also from Gemme Tresor. This was a "I don't have anything that color/size/shape in the stash and you never know when I might NEED something like this" purchase. Plus, excellent price!

These giant white keshi pearls are from Fabulous Rocks and they are, indeed, fabulous. Her prices can be a little high IMO but she certainly has quality stuff. It's always worth nosing around there because you can occasionally get a good deal and she usually has a 10% off deal going on something nearly all the time.
Oh, and as for why I bought them...well, 'cuz they're fabulous LOL! Also...I never say "no" to pearls.

These gorgeous blue glass lampwork disks are from Flame Crazy. I am on a mission to own lampwork glass disks in every color. Okay, well, not every color...just the GOOD colors. I was kind of into them before, but I got really serious about them when this bracelet sold on Etsy. I really never thought such a high ticket item would go, but customers always surprise me.

Of course, have I had time to make another one using all my great lampwork disks? Ummm...nope. But I will. Eventually. 2011 is looking pretty open so far.

These pretty cherry lampwork spacers are from Joycelo. I like to have a wide variety of lampwork spacers in different colors on hand to use for accent beads - this fights with my brain's auto-response to mostly buy blue/green/purple type beads. So, whenever I see something pretty in the pink/red/yellow/orange spectrum, I try to snap it up. Plus, she's got great prices on her spacers. I mean $10 - kinda can't beat that and they are good quality.

Ahhh...Blue I do love your beads. You help me take chances with colors that I wouldn't ordinarily go for. I came across this set right at the same time I was going through my whole "bright beads" craze and it goes perfectly with a lot of the stones I bought.

This set is a little deeper in color, but again, not a combo I'd put together on my own so it forces me to play outside my comfort zone. Sometimes, I bitch about that, but I think I secretly like it.

Whew! Okay, that was a frightening glimpse into the craziness that passes for my internal thought processes. Those of you who survived might want to go get checked out.

Or have a drink.

Or lie down.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone. Here's hopin' for some good finds at the Bead Show tomorrow (which I will of course post about next week)!


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