Friday, April 30, 2010

The More BP - The Better

I briefly contemplated not doing the BP this week for two reasons:

1. I already showed all the goodes from the Bowers show and I thought people might be "over it."

2. Last week's installment garnered almost no comments so maybe everyone is just bored with the concept?

Then I thought...naaaaaaah. I mean really, is it possible to have too much BP?

Wait...don't answer that.

Just look at the pretty, pretty pictures instead.

Pretty sterling bead caps in a couple of different sizes and some two-strand connector links from Cathy Dailey.

Sterling silver and vermeil charms and connector links from Sweet Rock Candy Beads.

Clear quartz flowers are from Gemme Tresor. Faceted yellow jade rondelles and yellow chalcedony brios are from Uncommon Beads.

Mystic quartz brios are also from Uncommon Beads.

All of these pretty poly clay flowers are from Barbie's Best on Etsy. The pink ones I just thought would be fun and cheery for summer designs. The other three sets have a vintage feel thanks to powdered pigment accents and tiny crystals. I think it can be hard to pull off that kind of vibe with poly clay so I was excited to see these. Plus, they were on sale. BONUS!

Summertime in the woods courtesy of Summer's Studio, Etc.'s pretty pink sakura blossom and cheerful blue owls.

Did I mention I'm collecting disk beads and I'm not stopping until I have ALL the colors? Well, if I didn't...then consider it mentioned now. Both of these pretty sets - one etched and one not - are from Flamecrazy.

These gorgeous flower beads are from Donna Millard. I've been drooling over her beads for a long time, but sadly most of the sets are out of my price range. So, when she finally listed this pair and I could afford 'em, I went for it. Even if you can't buy, I highly recommend checking out her sight - just for the sheer enjoyment of the designs and colors. Truly outstanding.

I am a sucker for the pixie dust effect on lampwork. I cannot resist it. Because it looks like spun sugar and I can't resist sugar, either. This set is from Bastille Bleu.

This is another beautiful set from Bastille Bleu. I love hot pink and black together so this was a "hit purchase without even thinking" transaction. All I have to do is throw in some pink crystals, black onyx and some silver and va-va-voom!

Okay, that's it for this week. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm heading to my nephew's 1 year b-day party at Seal Beach on Sunday. Hot dogs, cake, hunting for sand crabs on a gorgeous day with the kids - what could be better? (well, okay, making a new necklace MIGHT be kinda up there on the list, but maybe I can do that on Saturday while I'm ignoring the laundry).



chacha1 said...

I love the little owls and the pixie-dusted lampwork. You and I have very different tastes but I enjoy your writing and your photos.

I am currently engaged in a bead draw-down of sorts. Have way too many!! Too many to really enjoy. So I am making a lot of stuff and when I have an inventory, plan to open an Etsy store. I would love to see what you might have to say about the process and how it's worked for you.

Best regards and happy beading!

Cynthia said...

Keep the BP coming. I have not left a comment in a while, but I'm here!

I LOVE color! said...

I realy enjoyed your blog today I rarely get a chance to just sit and look at the blogs yours is first on my list. I can't tell you which I loved the best. be blessed

The Joy of Nesting said...

Thanks Kiddo,

I'm one of those guilty addicts that really depend on your BP to do the reconnaissance work!! :) I'm sorry I haven't been very good about expressing my thanks for the "leg" work you are compelled to do to bring BP to us! :( I'll try to do better in the future!:)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Kristen said...

I love Donna Millard's beads as well! I pretty much drool right there with you! The ones you got are really pretty! :) Have fun playing with them!

Anonymous said...

i must say you find the best little beady goodness!

Michelle said...

I love the Donna Millard beads--absolutely gorgeous!!!!
And the cute frosty poly flowers are just way too cute!
Have fun at the beach b-day party...I'm soooo jealous. I miss the ocean!
Bead Happy!

TesoriTrovati said...

I really love the pewter pieces. Keys! You know I love 'em. And those pansy beads are really works of art. Funny. But I bought a similar set of lampwork from a different artist in black pink white for my contest entry. And for the record, I love your BP posts. Always makes me lick my lips and rev up my credit card (or at least my wish list on Etsy). Ciao bella!
Enjoy the day!

Mel said...

Never ever ever ever enough bead porn! Bring on the gratuitous bead pics! Whooo!

Jen V. said...

I'm a BP fan!!

I'm a Donna Millard drooler, too! I think I have three focals sitting on my table just wondering what they'll end up in.

Have a great weekend!

quiltingjewel39 said...

sorry I don't comment always on your BP but soooooo look forward to it. Your blog is one of my favorites - love your sense of humor too!!! Also love hearing about CA - I miss it.

RockerJewlz said...

Some of these artists you featured are familiar to me but many were not...thank you so much for introducing me to "new" artists.

carmen said...

I think you come across so professional and witty that most Tom Dick and Harry don't think you need a lot of comments (just kidding, really don't know why... we love your blog!).
By the way "what is your profession".
My friends and I keep guessing.

quiltingjewel39 said...

I love your posts but they do have a tendancy to get me into trouble -Like this one!! Oh, well, it's only money. You really do find some great things and sites. Thanks

Marie Cramp said...

I have been drooling over Donna Millard's beads too! They are so amazing, out of my price range too, for now, hope they will be someday :) I also love the Cathy Dailey pieces too. I have a bunch but I hoard them because they are so cool. Love it! and don't stop posting, even if I don't comment, I am still drooling :)

Carey said...

Always lurking - never commenting. Bad blog reader am I. I love all your BP posts and my bank account can prove it ;-) I read your posts via a reader and I am usually too lazy to click over and add a comment but please know I love all your posts and I am very grateful for all your leads to new suppliers and gorgeous beads and ideas - thank you!!