Friday, April 16, 2010

BP in Absentia

I'm on VACAAAAAAAAAATION!!!!! (to quote Billy Crystal)

Well, really, I'm at home supervising the installation of my new flooring. To replace the old flooring that got ruined in the Great Flood of 2009 when my kid (bless his heart) made a toilet overflow in the middle of the night one night and didn't know what to do so he closed the door on it and went back to bed and I didn't find it until 10 AM the next morning by which time it had soaked through the floor and the walls and the ceiling of the garge get the idea.

Anyway, this happened shortly before my dad passed away so that kind of derailed me as far as getting all the re-construction resolved and then some of my flooring selections turned out to be out of stock so I had to make new selections and this has just been dragging on FOREVER.

But it's about to be over.

So, I'm off to move all my breakables out of the living room so the guys can move the heavy stuff and in the meantime, I leave you with some lovely bead porn to peruse:

Blue green ceramic connector tube beads and cute bird nest beads are from Summer's Studio on Etsy.

Polymer clay navy connector links from Floridity on Etsy. I'm collecting some great nautical type stuff to put with these and hope to have a cool design coming up with featuring them Real Soon Now.

When I bought this really cool turquoise ceramic button from Lisa Peters, I wasn't expecting to be quite so big as it really is. Am I the only one who hits "buy" without bothering to read the descriptions and sizes on things because I'm too caught up in the "high" of purchasing new stuff?

Etsy is the new crack. I swear.

Pewter floral charm and diary key from Mamacita Beadworks on Etsy.

Spiral lampwork disks from Alisha White on Etsy.

Blue Seraphim knows how to do purple right, yo!

Czech glass from Arte Bella Surplus on Etsy.

Aqua and strawberry quartz marquis-cut beads are from Gemme Tresor. I already used the strawberry quartz ones in my Postale Rouge earrings and I hereby award myself points for actually using beads right after they arrived instead of just hoarding them.

Green Chrysoprase coins and blue lapis coins are from Uncommon Beads on Etsy.

And now...I'm off to admire my new floors. Wheeeeeee!



TesoriTrovati said...

Am I the only one who hits "buy" without bothering to read the descriptions and sizes on things because I'm too caught up in the "high" of purchasing new stuff?
No. No you are not.
I am also measurement deficient when it comes to furniture that has to fit through narrow doorways and around right angles into the basement. Never to come out again.
Congrats on the flooring! I am doing a little tap dance for you (okay, it is on the inside. My daughter the Tiny Dancer has forbidden me to dance in public.)
Enjoy the day! Erin

Marie Cramp said...

I hope you show us pictures of that new floor! How exciting!! I love the new beads! Have a great Friday!!


kelleysbeads said...

Pics! I wanna see floor pics!

Marla said...

I NEVER read the description on a product before I buy... I got some loose leaf tea from Amazon and I thought I was getting this little bitty bag. When it came in the mail an opened it my first thought was, "my god, how am I going to drink all this tea??"

Hope that makes you feel better!

Barbara Bechtel said...

thanks for showing my nautical connectors! you're going to love that green czech. I just recently bought some locally and it is one of my new favorites! It looks good with so many colors, not just green!