Friday, April 02, 2010

If It's Friday... must be BP day!

Okay, I am seriously running out of creative blog post title ideas. I've been writing this thing for almost 6 years now so I've pretty much used up all the good titles already.

Also, it's Friday and my brain has reached the mushy stage so that may have something to do with it as well.

So instead of listening to me blather on, let's look at pretty, pretty pictures instead, okay?

These lovely silver charms are from FabulousRocks on Etsy. Hey, I know the name says "rocks", but she does silver, too.

Stunning bronze butterfly pendant and matching charm from Summer's Studio on Etsy. LeAnn's bronze work is such a fantastic addition to any design - everything I've made with her pieces has either sold or been picked up by a magazine for publication. Did I mention her prices are oh-so-reasonable, too? So, run over to Etsy and get yourself some bronze-y goodness today! Whatchoo waitin' for?

Lovely sterling silver hook clasps from Atlantis Glass & Bead. Larger one on the left has been oxidized. The smaller ones on the right are tumble polished for extra shine. And yeah, I know, I could make my own hook clasps, but frankly, I don't always have the extra time to do all the oxidation and polishing processes (plus, my wirework is nowhere near as good) so I do like to have at least a small ready-made stash of good clasps on hand that I can just grab when I'm ready to finish a design.

I needed some extra sparkle and light for a few projects I have planned and these clear quartz brios and nuggets from Gemme Tresor fit the bill perfectly!

But clear quartz only gets you so far - I haven't given up on my plan to make 2010 more COLORFUL! The orange chalcedony brios are from FabulousRocks. The green aveturine swirl beads are from GemmeTresor and the bright blue and green brios are from UncommonBeads. The best part is - those blue and green brios? They are GLASS! Therefore, they are CHEAP! But they LOOK expensive so SHHHH! Don't tell anyone!

These great metallicized clay buttons and pebbles are from Maccarroll on Etsy. Originally, I had planned to use them in the "Melusine's Treasure" necklace, but they proved to be a bit too dark for that design. Still, they are fabulous and I'm sure they'll find their way into something else.

Have I mentioned that all beach-y, ocean-y type beads must be mine? Because, if not, let me mention it now. They must be mine. Especially when they are cute clay sand dollars like these from Erin at Every Heart Crafts on Etsy. These are so perfectly realistic - they totally look like I could have found them on the beach. Er...if any of our beaches allowed you to take stuff home with you.
Which they don't.
Which is great for the beaches and creatures, but kinda sucks for those of us who like to use beach-y stuff in our designs. Fortunately, we have Erin's great creations to rescue us.
And by us, I mean me ;-)

The fun, colorful fleur-de-lys charms and the navy and cream coconut connector link are from Floridity on Etsy.

Aqua and clear hollow lampwork beads from Alisha White on Etsy. Sooo perfect for summer!

These metallic raku disks are also from Alisha White. She does good stuff, no?

Sunny yellow etched glass disks from FlameCrazy on Etsy. I love how there are several shades of yellow from pale to bright in each disk.

These beautiful lentil beads and matching spacers are from Joycelo on Etsy. I just loved the colors in the raku and the extra CZ sparkle. I am, at heart, a lover of the bling.

I bought this set from Blue Seraphim during the depths of winter. I just loved the cold, cloudy, foggy color palette which captured that season so perfectly. I may have to hoard these until next year when it will be the perfect time to break them out.

Happy weekend and Happy Easter, everyone!



Anonymous said...

gorgeous beads! i think you and i are bead whores, ummm, can i say that? we love the beads, don't we?
have a great weekend!

EmandaJ said...

Oh my goodness! What lusciousness! You know, I just started a new job managing a bead wholesale shop ~~ I could probably give you a run for your money-honey, Bead-P*rn-wise. But I'm not about to horn in on your turf. Don't want to have to pay off the bead-pimp. So you just go on and strut your stuff, honey! (Love it!)


Marie Cramp said...

I love the beads by joycelo {hope I spelled that right} They are amazing!! If you are looking for more beachy beads I do have some more of those wood tiles with sea shells and sea horses. They are drilled in all four corners and could make a nice linked bracelet...

TesoriTrovati said...

Those glass beads do look like the real deal. And those last ones are seriously painterly. I love them! Enjoy the day! Erin

Erin said...

Wonderful! Love all the eye candy. Thank you for featuring my pieces!