Thursday, April 29, 2010

Collaboration Completed

My part of the collaboration project arrived at Lorelei's house yesterday. I can't wait to see what she comes up with to finish off that design. In the meantime, I finished up the piece that she sent me and thought I'd share it:

I didn't change too much of what she'd already done - I liked it as is. So, I just needed to come up with part of a back and side and add the dangles to the pendant.

I still had my ribbon bag out from when I created her piece and I thought it would be kind of cool to have both pieces have ribbon in them so even though they're very different, they still have a connection to each other. I found this really pretty piece of dyed silk from Jody Poesy on Etsy. It has the deep teal color of the apatite nuggets that Lorelei used as well as some of the gold, brown and copper tones in the rest of the necklace so I thought it was a great choice to help tie everything together. It really is more teal in color than it appears in the picture (stupid camera!)

Lorelei is not much for using crystals while I LOVE the sparkle so I thought one of the best ways to add my unique stamp to the piece would be to bring in some bling :-) I'd just ordered some of the new "Greige" color of Swarovski and they turned out to be perfect. They're sort of in between gold and silver and they really pick up on the colors around them. It was a great way to add some glitz without disrupting the rest of the necklace. I put one on the side and a few in the front as dangles.

The other thing I wanted to do was pick up some of the dusty rose color from the pendant and these pink/gold vintage glass melon beads were perfect for that. Again, I added just one on the side and a few in the front as dangles.

A little bit of copper wire-work and a copper lobster clasp and...finito!

I'm still trying to come up with a name for it...

Wish I had something else interesting to write about, but since I quite going to the deli counter at the grocery store (and thereby avoiding the most incompetent group of workers on the planet), my life has gotten so incredibly boring.

Of course, there are still idiots out in the parking lot...

In other news...

The kid came home with a pet worm in a cup full of dirt. Yes, an actual live earthworm. It came with instructions on care and feeding and everything. Apparently, I am now running a home for wayward worms.

And I paid big $$ for him to take this science class. But no one said anything about free worms.

Also, I thought Siobhan got ROBBED on AI last night. And that was even before I found out that she's a lampworker! Did anyone else catch that? Anyway, I am not watching the show any more - which is not saying much because this season was the first time I had EVER watched ANY American Idol. I should've stuck with my original decision on that and saved myself a lot of time.

Tonight's TiVo will feature Monday's episode of "House." Mmmm...I do love me some Hugh Laurie.


SummersStudio said...

I love the mix of colours you added, especially the crystal. And see, you can indeed work asymetrical.

Worms, yuk. I remeber when my son wanted a worm fine. Vetoed that one. He got over it. But sounds like you've got serious worm nuturing to do. Good luck!

Michelle said...

How about Copper Roses for the necklace? Just a thought....
If you haven't seen it, Miami Medical is a pretty good show that just started. Like ER in it's 1st season and some of House's sarcasm.
Have fun with TiVo!
Michelle said...

Gorgeous necklace, the yellow is so bright and everything else is so cozy, but it is a really beautiful piece.

They can't study worms outside in actual dirt, they gotta bring them home? How odd.

TesoriTrovati said...

Great job KJ! I think those griege crystals are great. I am always looking for versatile colors like that. As for a about "Tied with Heartstrings" because this is an easy one to love.
Enjoy the day!