Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekend in Review

Well, really it's just Saturday in review because that wiped me out so much that I did NOTHING on Sunday.

I mentioned, of course, about going to the bead show, but what I didn't talk about was that Saturday was also the one year anniversary of my Dad's passing. So, I did the bead show in the morning and then we had a family trek to a couple of his favorite places and a little memorial ceremony and then dinner. The kid and I were WIPED when we got home. Kid actually ASKED to be put to bed - which, like, NEVER happens.

I'm going to talk about the day in a bit of a reverse order because the memorial part was a little sad and I want to end on a good note soooo...

We all met up at my brother's house in Irvine and caravaned down to The Wedge - Dad's favorite surfing spot. Although the water was too cold to go in and that spot is too treacherous for the kids, anyway, the weather was gorgeous. The beach there has a very steep slope - which is part of what makes it great for body surfing, but the waves can be unpredictable (we didn't even go in and we still got soaked by a "surprise" wave) and there are rip tides as well. One thing about Dad - he was pretty fearless (I know where the kid gets it from) and never paid any attention to all of that. He'd go in even when the conditions were "red flag."

Anyway, it was a great place to go to talk about and remember him, even if the wind was blowing a little too strongly to allow us to do the ceremony we wanted to do. But, right as we got ready to leave, a HUGE set of waves rolled in (even though the rest of the day had been pretty calm) and right after that, an entire pod of dolphins swam by. I knew Dad was there - lookin' for that outside wave...

Next, we drove just a bit down PCH and walked out on the Balboa Pier. Mom had brought a bag of rose petals from Dad's roses in the garden and we wanted to toss them in the water - after the conditions weren't quite right at the Wedge, the pier seemed like the next best option. Each of us, including the kids, took a handful of petals and scattered them on the water with a quick messge to Dad. The bright pinks and reds looked beautiful floating away on the waves.

Here's the kid - checkin' out the view. This picture looks north up the coast towards the Newport Pier.

Lots of fishermen out on the pier - it was a great day for mackerel. I saw several people pull up lines with 3-4 fish on each line. No wonder the sea lions and dolphins were all hanging around, too! It was "all you can eat" at the mackerel buffet.

This WAS supposed to be a cool shot of a sea lion popping up, but he was too fast for me. Faster even than the speedboat in the background.

The other thing the pier is famous for is the Ruby's Diner that's out at the ver end.

50's style burgers, fries and fountain drinks. Dad loved to order Cherry Coke. But not the can kind. Only the real deal from a fountain made with cherry syrup and a maraschino cherry floating in it. He had a special way of ordering it, too. "Easy ice, easy cherry." It was some kind of private joke (I'm guessing it was from his Navy days and that it was off-color) because he always grinned or laughed when he said it, but he'd never explain the joke. He often fell in love with certain lines from movies or strange things he'd heard people say that he thought were funny but that no one else got.

A couple of his more-frequently-repeated ones were:

"I was misinformed" from "Casablanca." My brother even got him a t-shirt with that saying on it for Christmas one year.


"I am a river to my people" from "Laurence of Arabia." This was usually announced loudly whenever he thought he'd really accomplished something great - like getting a particularly good parking place or a great table at dinner.

But I think my favorite one of all time was "Even though the moon is smaller, it's still farther away." Because I never knew where it came from or what it meant and he would never explain it, but he thought it was incredibly funny. I SUSPECT somebody at San Onofre said it and made themselves look particularly stupid in the process and that's why Dad kept it around all those years, but we'll never know for sure.

This is a last shot of the beach - looking south towards the jetty (which is where The Wedge is located) and beyond to Corona del Mar.

Part II of this post - including the pics from the show - coming shortly.



EmandaJ said...

Hi Kelly,

What a wonderful way of remembering your father. I'm sure he would be so proud of you.


("In death, life is changed, not ended" Book of Common Prayer -- the Episcopal Prayerbook)

Lorelei said...

feeling warm and fuzzy by this nice tribute to your Dad. Thanks for sharing this with us. I feel like I got to meet him there for a minute. Makes me think of all the things my Dad says or does that will stay with me when he's gone one day.

Beatnheart said...

touching thoughts...your dad seems like he was a real cool cat...Lucky you to have him.

SummersStudio said...

KJ, this was a beautiful way to cherish your fathers memory and keep him fresh in your hearts. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all.

mairedodd said...

that was wonderful - and i will be pondering some of those sayings for days, i can just feel it! to be remembered by the ocean that he loved is wonderful... we had a burial at sea for my grandmother - and it was the most peaceful farewell i have ever experienced...

TesoriTrovati said...

I know that might not have been easy, but it was certainly nice for us to be invited in to a little memorial for your father. I love the lines from the movies. That is priceless. My dad is fond of saying "Never get excited on your first cruise". He always says it when someone is getting all excited about something happening. But my favorite and one that I try to live by is "Life is not a dress rehearsal." I try to live each day by that.

Those dolphins were absolutely there watching over you (damn the mackerels!). When my father in law passed we kept seeing eagles soaring out by the farm and there hadn't been any for years. Definitely a sign.

I am so touched by your sweet and thoughtful words about your father. May those memories stay alive in your heart.

Enjoy the day!

quiltingjewel39 said...

What a beautiful way for your family to celebrate and remember your father. I have to confess, I cried when I read it. I use to live in So.Ca. and know where all those places are. Spent a lot of time at Balboa beach and on the pier eating at Ruby's. I do miss a lot of So. Ca. but also like where I am in VA. Your posts are always wonderful and love the bead porn.