Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Floored!

Okay, I got lots of requests to see the flooring so here it is:

Oh truly appreciate it, I think you need to see the crap that it replaced first:

Yeah, this is what my landing and the kid's bathroom have looked like for the last YEAR. The old flooring had been removed and the walls had been opened up, dried out, closed back up with fresh drywall and re-painted (hence the "wet paint" sticker on the floor). That doorway to the right leads into my bedroom. Stay outta there. It's a mess.

Here's what the old carpeting looked like on the stairs and in the living room. Actually, this is not the worst of it - you can't see the spot where the kid smeared green play-do into it that I could never get out or the place where I spilled "Mango Freeze" nailpolish on it or the burned spot that I covered up with an area rug. Lots of dirt and miscellaneous stains showing here, though. So, it's obvious this crap needed to go even BEFORE the flood happened.

And now....

Here's the new vinyl I picked out for the kid's bathroom. I went with a darker, stone-like pattern (the previous vinyl was very pale and probably too feminine for a guy's bathroom). You also get a sneak peak of the new carpet.

Newly carpeted stairs. The color is called "Nutshell" and it has flecks of darker colors in it - again I hope it won't show stains as badly.

Here's a closeup - it's actually darker than it appears in this picture.

And here's the bottom of the stairs where you get a sneak peak at the living room (which used to be all carpeted with that old, pale, stained blechy carpet).

And here's my new living room floor. It's now "kid-proof" laminate that is an extension of the laminate I had in the kitchen. The flooring guy managed to get me the EXACT SAME laminate by some miracle. The rug on the left is an experiment that is probably going to go away...I haven't decided yet.

Now, as soon as I get everything put back away that the original construction crew dragged out and as soon as I replace my incredibly disgusting, falling apart, attacked with scissors by the kid couch...I may actually be able to have people over.

Go, me.



kelleysbeads said...

Yay you! Yay for new flooring! Thanks for taking & sharing pics :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Wonderful! Great palette to work with KJ. Especially for 'guying' up the bathroom.
Enjoy the day!

Spirited Earth said...

a friend installed that laminate flooring in her kitchen,breakfast and den area, it's been tested by
2 kids, and 3 large dogs years and years later it still looks great..i think you will be happy with that all looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

aaahhh, nothing like fresh new floors!

lunedreams said...

Looks great! Love your nubby carpet, makes me think of brown and wild rice. Looks luxurious! New floors make all the difference.

Michelle said...

Love the new floors. The wavy stripe carpet? I have the small version that was in my bathroom (pre-chocolate paint w/aqua accents). It has been re-located to the studio (aka: the basement). Target Rocks!
Bead Happy!