Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Was That Masked Blogger?

I'm not sure who that pod person was that took over the blog yesterday - the sheer nerve of posting something non-sparkley is truly appalling! You may rest assured I've quietly done away with her at least for the time being.

She did have some parting words regarding the phrase "harshing my mellow." To wit: Did NONE of you live through the 70's? That phrase has been around long enough to be public domain - use as you will.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled channel...

When not fighting stupid community political battles or accidentally resinating the ends of my hair, I do actually make some jewelry:

Remember all those bright beads I was collecting for a while there? Yeah, I made one pair of earrings LOL!

And to those of you who are whispering "why blue and orange?" behind my back I say "why NOT blue and orange?"

And if you still don't like it, well, I know some parents who are happy to rent out their kids to stage a protest on your front lawns...

Rings 'N Things sent me a package of great memory-object type stuff a while ago and I took the bezels from that shipment and filled 'em with scrapbook paper, decorative brads (that I removed the backs from) and some crystal stickers and then I resined the results. I finally got some of them made up into a necklace.

I like that these brass bezels come in several different shapes and sizes and some have single loops and others have double loops. This makes it easy to mix and match and make some that are pendants and others that can be used as links or connectors but still coordinate with the pendants. Also, the prices are MUCH easier on the on' bank account than the Patera bezels.

To create the necklace, I did some wire-wrapping and added in some hammered vermeil links, some pink Czech glass flowers in a couple of different shapes and sizes and some green glass beads that have a pink/gold AB finish on them.

The clasp is a vermeil heart toggle. The heart was as close as I could get to a strawberry shape.

Well, okay, the truth is that I was out of vermeil clasps except for this one so on it went. I think it goes okay, though.

"Strawberry Fields Forever"

Oh come on...what ELSE am I gonna call it?



TesoriTrovati said...

Love it! I made some resin bits with those little bezel cups and just realized that I never took a picture of one but instead opted to send it as a miscellaneous gift to one of my monthly winners. *Sigh*
Will I never learn.
I love the name, and it is perfect. I was thinking of something along the lines of "Shortcake" because it is really sweet!
Enjoy the day!
P.S. I did live through the 70s, enough for feathered hair and culottes, but I never heard that expression before. Love it though!

Marie Cramp said...

Love the name!! It's really perfect! The resin pieces you made are just perfect with all those floral bits and pieces on the necklace! It is perfectly sweet :) And why not blue and orange! :)


Dave Robertson said...

Very cute, my little daughter would go bananas for this, Kelly :) Only she'd call it "Strawberry Cortcake", that's her way!

at Rings & Things

Beatnheart said...

May I ask, what type of resin do you use? also where do get hammered that and sorry I'm getting over aggressive...Love these posts thank you...I read you when I get in a cheer me up kid.